Nú er tæpur mánuður í að námskeiðið Kompás hefjist á Holtavegi 28. Námskeið fjallar um mannréttindafræðslu og er haldið á vegum Æskulýðsvettvangsins sem er samstarf KFUM og KFUK, BÍS og UMFÍ. Gert er ráð fyrir 25 manns á námskeiðið. Skráning gengur vel en örfá pláss eru laus. Skráning fer fram í gegnum tölvupóst á hjordis@kfum.is . Eins og fyrr segir er námskeiðið haldið á Holtavegi 28 og stendur frá kl.8:30 til kl.17 dagana 29. september til 2. október. Leiðbeinendur á námskeiðinu koma frá Bretlandseyjum, Íslandi og Serbíu. Nánari upplýsingar um námskeiðið (og texta bókarinnar Kompás) er að finna hér: http://nams.is/kompas/ .
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Þjálfarar/kennarar á Kompás-námskeiðinu 29.09.10-02.10.10
Buzz Burry:
Hi, I’m Buzz Bury, a UK based International Youth Worker, Trainer and Consultant. I have a degree in Youth & Community Work and over 25 years experience both at a practitioner and management level. Past activities have included; social work to sexual health, drugs education to sport, club and issue based programmes to formal education projects. As my work progressed my specialisms were developed and these now include; development education, global youth work, youth participation, youth leadership and coaching.
Seven years ago I embarked on a freelance career, focusing on programmes that include; engaging those excluded from education, sustainable and global education, arts development and training. My international work now includes an established programme of training within Youth in Action, as well as training for a variety of other international focused organisations.
In my spare time you can find me enjoying world music. I am a DJ, part time music producer and recently established a new community based not for profit NGO in my home town that uses intercultural music activities and projects to promote tolerance and celebrates cultural diversity.
I look forward to working with you all on the Compass Training.
Pétur Björgvin Thorsteinsson:
My name is Pétur Björgvin Thorsteinsson. I´m an Youth Worker, Trainer and Deacon in a Lutheran Church. I have a diploma from Württemberg, Germany in Youth and diaconal work and a Master Degree in European Studies from Bifröst in Iceland. In the last 25 years I have been active in youth work, mainly within the church but also in other organizations. Past activities have included; Compass training in Iceland, training courses for EVS volunteers (on-arrival, mid-term-meeting), several trainings for youth workers within the own organization.
I did my training of trainers for European Youth Projects in 2004 to 2005 with the main goal to deepen my understanding about the European Youth Work world, as I had been living in Germany for 10 years. Im also a member of Akureyri association of freelance researchers, where my research area is interfaith dialogue and Islam phobia.
Im married with Regina from Germany and we have three children (17,14,7). To my own surprise I do sometimes have spare time.
And Im happy that I will be doing more Compass Training soon.
Petur Thorsteinsson

Erzsébet Kovács:
My name is Erzsébet (Elisabeth). I am a Budapest based Hungarian trainer and educational advisor.
It is my pleasure and honour to come to your beautiful country for second time as well as to work with my great colleagues, Pétur and Buzz again. I was responsible for the quality control of the Hungarian Compass in 2004. Since than I have been using this manual when working for young people and international project co-coordinators. I have a Master Degree in adult education. I worked at different levels of the Hungarian youth structure for 20 years, from local youth work up to the governmental youth department. Later on I got involved in train the trainers programmes and in-service teacher training activities at European level.
Past activities have included: civic competence development by project learning, action learning and youth training; youth worker training on European citizenship; community development after a district-rehabilitation in Budapest.
I love to spend my spare time with other creative activities than the non-formal education eg. cooking, dancing, interior design.